Welcome to Our Transparency Page

Here on the “Have a Good Tip” blog, we believe that trust is built on honesty, integrity, and, above all, transparency. This page serves as a gateway to the behind-the-scenes of our operation, where we openly share our approach, values, and commitments. Here, you will find a detailed insight into how we incorporate transparency into every aspect of our work because we believe that by sharing our processes and principles, we strengthen the connection with you, our reader.

Revenue Sources

The revenue for the Have a Good Tip blog is generated in various ways, as mentioned below:


We display ads from carefully selected partner networks to enhance the reader experience and align with our values. These ads are crucial to help manage the operational costs of the blog.

Own Products:

The Have a Good Tip blog may, among some articles, offer its own digital products to provide deeper insights into a particular topic, prioritizing honesty, quality, and commitment to our readers. We make it clear when promoting such products within an article.

Affiliate Marketing:

Some blog articles may contain affiliate links to recommended products. When readers click on these links and complete a purchase, we receive a small commission for the referral. These products, whether physical or digital, are carefully evaluated to recommend only those that make sense for the reader and provide honest and reliable solutions.

Editorial Independence

All blog content is authored by us, based on information gathered over time, studies, and personal experiences. We thus maintain editorial independence, free from any influence related to advertisers or sponsors regarding content.

Privacy Policy

At “Have a Good Tip,” the protection of your privacy is a non-negotiable commitment. We want you to feel secure while exploring our tips and advice. To understand in detail how your information is secured and collected, we invite you to visit our privacy policy page.


In our pursuit of continually enhancing your experience, we want to hear what you think. If you have questions, feedback, or simply want to share your ideas, we’re here to listen. Feel free to contact us through our contact page. Don’t hesitate to reach out, as your opinion shapes the content we create.

Every reader is a valuable part of this journey, and your willingness to explore the details behind the blog inspires us. We remain committed to maintaining integrity and transparency in every interaction, working diligently to uphold this commitment to providing quality content and reliable information.